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I Am Jason Medlock

Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist

Trust, Relax & Discover

Mr. Medlock offers transformative approaches using concepts of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Mr. Medlock is a certified practitioner in various healing modalities and a published author of his bestselling book "Empowered by Consciousness." He recently published the Ebook The Mental Game Plan - A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches. Jason's Mindset-Performance Method unlocks infinite potential for those interested in his pioneering seven and 12-week programs.


Medlock is a former member of several prestigious associations, reflecting his deep connections and expertise in the sports industry. His affiliations have included the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), the Canadian Football League Players Association (CFLPA), the National Basketball Players Association (NBAPA), and the Sports Lawyers Association. These memberships underscore his comprehensive understanding of the sports world from administrative, legal, and competitive standpoints.

His extensive coaching history shows Jason’s passion for sports and athlete development. He served as a coach for high school football at Desoto High School, where he played a crucial role in shaping young athletes on and off the field. His coaching philosophy emphasizes discipline, mental toughness, and the importance of psychological readiness, which he has successfully integrated into his sports hypnosis practice.

In addition to his high school coaching tenure, Jason participated in the NFL Minority Coaching Program with the Tennessee Titans, was a skill trainer and Graduate Assistant coach at Texas Christian University (TCU). Jason's experience has enabled him to hone his ability to develop athletes' physical and mental skills, preparing them for higher levels of competition and personal growth.

At The Mental Game Plan, Jason applies his vast experience and deep knowledge of sports dynamics to help athletes achieve unprecedented success. His programs are tailored to his clients' needs, ensuring personalized strategies that resonate with their goals and challenges.

Medlock is committed to staying at the forefront of sports hypnosis and sports psychology coaching techniques, continually updating his skills and knowledge to provide the best possible guidance and support. His dedication to learning and growth ensures that The Mental Game Plan always offers the most current and effective techniques.

Discover how Jason Medlock’s expertise in sports hypnosis can elevate your athletic performance to new heights. Whether you want to overcome mental barriers, enhance your focus and resilience, or achieve a breakthrough in your sports career, Jason and The Mental Game Plan guide you every step.

Under Jason's expert guidance, experience the transformative power of sports hypnosis and start your journey to becoming a stronger, more focused, and unstoppable athlete. Join us at The Mental Game Plan and redefine what’s possible in your athletic performance and psychological development.

A Revolutionary Approach to Peak Performance

Deep Subconscious Integration

At the heart of this program lies the innovative use of sports hypnosis, which facilitates direct communication with the subconscious mind. This level of engagement allows for the effective and enduring transformation of deep-seated beliefs and behaviors, ensuring that changes are not superficial but rooted deeply within the psyche of the athlete. This method helps dissolve mental barriers that often go unaddressed by conventional training methods.

Harmonized Goal Alignment

By utilizing hypnosis, the program harmonizes the athlete's conscious goals, such as winning a championship, with subconscious affirmations, like believing in one's inherent capability to achieve greatness. This alignment eradicates internal conflicts that can sabotage high-performance levels, such as fear of failure or self-doubt, ensuring that the athletes' entire being is working in unison towards their objectives.

Comprehensive Mental Toolkit

The program equips athletes and coaches with a broad array of mental skills, from enhanced focus and concentration to advanced relaxation and stress management techniques. Each tool is designed to be accessible and effective, tailored to the unique psychological makeup and needs of the individual. This approach allows athletes to not only perform at their best under any circumstance but also to manage the demands of training, competition, and personal growth with resilience and grace.

Skills for Life

The Mental Game Plan Program with Sports Hypnosis stands at the frontier of sports psychology, offering a revolutionary approach that transcends traditional training limits. By effectively merging the power of the conscious and subconscious minds, this program not only promises to elevate athletic performance but also to foster a holistic sense of well-being that athletes carry with them long after they leave the competitive field. This is not just training for the game; it's training for life.

This Is Your Career

Invest in Your Future

Discover how Jason Medlock’s expertise in sports hypnosis can elevate your athletic performance to new heights. Whether you’re looking to overcome mental barriers, enhance your focus and resilience, or achieve a breakthrough in your sports career.

"Remember, most successful people have a plan, but the ultra-successful

people have a coach; they will never tell you that."  Jason Medlock

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