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Sports Hypnosis Package: "Peak Performance Program"

World-renowned sports psychologists and trainers confirm that athletes are more successful using mental training like hypnosis and visualization techniques.  Would you like to improve your game?  Jason Medlock uses the most potent form of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis  Technique QHHT®.   JOIN THE MENTAL GAME PLAN TODAY!

Sports Hypnosis Package

Program Duration:

1 Month (Minimum Commitment)
Extendable to 3, 6, and 12 months for progressive benefits

Session Frequency:

Weekly Hypnosis Sessions (4 sessions total)
Each session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes

Included In The Package

Initial Assessment and Goal Setting:


  • A detailed initial consultation to assess the athlete's current mental state, challenges, and goals.

  • Development of a personalized hypnosis plan based on the athlete’s specific needs and sports discipline.


Weekly Hypnosis Sessions:


  • Focus on different aspects each week such as anxiety reduction, focus enhancement, performance consistency, and recovery.

  • Techniques include progressive relaxation, guided imagery, self-hypnosis training, and strategic mental rehearsals.

Mid-Program Check-In:


  • A brief session at the two-week mark to assess progress and adjust techniques if necessary.

Supplemental Materials:

  • Access to recordings of hypnosis sessions for daily practice.

  • Educational materials on topics relevant to mental training and sports performance.

Final Evaluation and Future Planning:


  • Assessment of progress made during the month.

  • Recommendations for ongoing mental training and adjustments to the hypnosis strategy.

Support Access:


  • Email support throughout the month for any questions or issues between sessions.

  • Option to schedule additional sessions if needed at a prorated cost.


Basic One-Month Package: $600 

The Basic One-Month Package offers a foundational introduction to sports hypnosis for athletes. This four-week program includes weekly one-on-one sessions designed to enhance focus, boost confidence, and introduce effective relaxation techniques. Ideal for athletes new to mental training, this package equips participants with essential tools to improve their performance and mental resilience.

Extended Packages for Continued Development:

  • 3-Month Package: 

  • 6-Month Package: 

  • Annual Commitment:

All packages include bi-monthly check-ins after the initial month and ongoing support for maintaining peak mental condition.

In-Season Tune-Up Sessions:

  • Objective: These are shorter, targeted sessions designed to quickly address specific issues that arise during the competitive season, such as performance anxiety before a big game or stress management during crucial timesaver.

  • Duration: Each session lasts about 30-45 minutes.

Group Sessions:

  • Objective: Group sessions are aimed at teams who wish to undergo hypnosis together. These sessions can focus on team dynamics, collective focus, building resilience, and enhancing overall team performance.

  • Duration: Each session lasts about 90-120 minutes, accommodating the larger group size and dynamics.

  • Pricing: $500 per session for groups up to 10 athletes. For each additional athlete, add $30.

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